Tuesday, March 04, 2014


We sailed up to Barbuda which is just 39 miles north of Antigua a few days ago.  It has a very small population of only 1500 or so and it is quite isolated.  We stopped at the southern tip along this gorgeous beach. It just went on forever, people sail that turtles were nesting a few miles up.  We have had some great snorkelling lately.  On one foray we saw turtles, rays, lobsters and an octopus.  While we were in Barbuda we saw quite a few spotted rays, they were gorgeous about a meter and a half across. I also saw a squid one time when I was out by myself.

Yesterday we were anchored in a very shallow area surrounded by patches of coral.  We were alone with another boat, RCLouise.  We first met the couple in Tahiti, they sold their boat in NZ and went back to the States.  Last year they bought a brand new boat from France and are planning on crossing the Pacific again with it.
We sailed back to Antigua today and found our buddies from Sal Dorago anchored about 300 meters I front of us.  It was great to see them again and we plan to spend some time here with them.  On the way over we saw a whale, I am not sure which kind but it was flapping it's huge flukes and I managed to get a shot of it.