Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Field Day

We got to see some of the Montserrat elementary school field day yesterday.  After the conventional races they had some fun ones.  This was the 20 meter frog hopping race.  The girls in their white pleated skirts of their gym uniforms had a one legged hopping race instead.  This field day brought back many memories as their track was only 300 meters, much the same size as the one in Yellowknife.  The track as you can see is all grass and the kids competed in their bare feet.  
Last night we headed off to listen to an advertised Irish band said to be playing at 8:00 PM.  Apparently they decided to play at 5:00 at another venue and although we eventually did find the band they were well into their cups by the time we arrived and no longer playing.  Fortunately we found out where they were going to be playing on Thur. So we hope to see them then.  After a pleasant evening talking with a woman who had a house very close to the one we owned in Saskatoon and her father who was an avid curler who had won a polar bear rug in the bonspiel in Yellowknife we had to find a way home.  
Someone rounded up a ride for us, but I was getting a bit nervous about going home with this woman who was buying yet another drink to drive home along the very windy narrow hilly roads.  We got a lift instead with the aforementioned band and their sober driver, whew!!!