Monday, March 10, 2014

We took a tour of Montserrat and got to see the volcano. It has quite the history, it started growing in 1993 and first exploded in 1995. It continued exploding on a regular basis until 2010.  The whole south half of the island was evacuated and people were not allowed to return to their homes. The homes we're covered in ash, in some places 10 meters deep.  Due to overcrowding and the lack of housing the population went from 12,000 to a present day pop. of 4,500. We saw a movie of the volcano and how it grew and the explosions over the years. It was fascinating. On the tour we stopped at a hotel, the pool had been filled up by ash.  The ash in the rooms was so fine, I found an old brochure in the office.  At the moment we saw smoke coming out of the top to the mountain, but their have been no eruptions lately.  We had a beautiful day for the tour and it was great.

In the next two pictures I am sitting by the hotel pool, it is full of volcanic ash