Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Hiking in Montserrat

On the beach in Montserrat, you can see Redonda in the background
We went on a big hike the other day.  We did the typical Lsnge hike, heading out with too little info and ending up taking a Lange shortcut which traditionally means doing it the hardest way possible.  We had the trail at the beginning and all was well and then we headed down the beach and could not find the beginning of the next trail so started following goat trails.  That is all well and good if ther are now bushed I the way,  at first it was almost straight up a rocky hill so no bushes but at the top it was fine for a goat but to an upright human being the going was excruciating.  There were vicious thorns on the bushes and they scratched our legs and faces and continually caught Barry's backpack,
he finally put in on his front and fared a little better. The vista at the end of here trail was worth it, I

On Monday we went to the St. Patrick's Day celebration.  It was a big deal for the island with a parade,  lots of island food for sale and a concert which included, dancing, singing, and drumming, both the African and Caribbean variety (pan). Barry tried out 4 or 5 chicken vendors and was able to point out the best one to me.  

A dance traditionally put on by slaves.  I loved the costumes especially the red hi tops. 

We left Montserrat in the morning and sailed by the island of Redonda.  It in uninhabited at the moment but there was a phosphate mine on it at one time.  We were going to stop to snorkel but the waves were breaking across the shore and the captain was unwilling to stop.  We are on Nevis at the moment , it along with St. Kitts is another Caribbean country.