Tuesday, June 10, 2014


We sailed the first 90 miles to get here and then motored in the fog the last 30.  I was a bit freaked out going into NY Harbour at dawn with the visibility at 300m.  Barry was off shift and so I turned on the radar and the chart plotter and let Otto do all the work.  There was a boat that was maybe a quarter
mile away and I could hear the engines and every once in a while it would blast it's fog horn, but I could not see a thing, no matter how much I stared.  Barry woke up and I immediately insisted that he take the helm.  The buildings on Coney Island appeared out of the fog and the Barry started crossing
over the channel so we would get a good view of the Statue of Liberty and there she was.  We had
Neil Diamond's "Coming to America" blasting out of the iPad as we cruised by.  The Staten Island
Ferries wove to and fro in front the Liberty Island and I was tickled pink, taking as many pictures as I could.
Trying to look suave and sophisticated while taking a pic of myself, (like I could ever look suave and sop!)

The camera has a smile recognition feature on it and I kept grinning and the camera kept taking pictures, it drove Barry absolutely nuts.  He couldn't figure out why the camera was taking all these photos when he hadn't pushed the button. 
We headed up the Hudson River and secured a mooring at the 79th Street Boat Basin.  We are within 2 blocks of the subway, it is great.  We hopped on the subway and came up at Times Square.  Some slick salesman sold us a four day package of tours.  We get to go all over town, Brooklyn, the Bronks, the ferry ride to the Statue of Liberty, the upper East Side, Harlem, the works.  We wer blown away with the energy of the city, it really is something.  Here are some shots of the trip we took today.

Madison Square Gardens
A trio in Washington Square ion Grenwich Village. They were terrific. 
Christie's Auction House. 
A skyscraper designed by a Canadian. 
Approaching Broadway, just south of Times Square. 
The Empire State Building