Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Random things in NYC

We visited Wall Street and the New York Stock Exchange.

This is the NY stock exchange bull, donated by the artist, he just trucked it down and deposited it near the stock exchange.  The City fathers tried to remove it and the populace objected so here he sits. 
The sidewalk where they give the ticker tape parades, every parade has a strip giving the date, etc. 
Check out the size of those kisses!! The M & M store is across the street. 
The buskers in New York are superb, this fellow was in the Staten Island Ferry Terminal. There was a guy on the subway that was playing the trumpet and an electric organ with a stuffed dog to keep him on key!!
I am singing at the top of my lungs. 
The subway system in NYC is great, it runs pretty efficiently, it is old and grungy looking, some cars are not air conditioned and when you get squished in them at rush hour it is not pleasant, we have never felt unsafe and when asked most New Yorkers will tell you which train you need to catch.  We have a week's pass for $35, so pretty cheap transportation.  We can take buses as well. 
This billboard is actually painted in the side of a bride building. 
The inside of the Guggenheim Art Museum, the displays were mounted on the walls as you spiralled up to the top of the very unusual building. 
A piece of the Berlin Wall, outside of the UN Building.  I really enjoyed our tour of the building, our guide was from South Korea and she was terrific.  She was very thought provoking as she explained about the three main trusts of the UN, peacekeeping, human rights and sustainable development. 
A box of school supplies that can be sent on 72 hours notice to countries where education has been interrupted due to war or natural disaster.