Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Cape May NJ

         The view from the top of the lighthouse in Cape May, NJ.

We are on our way up to New York City, sailing off the coast of Atlantic City, New Jersey.  Who would have ever thought we would be in New Jersey??  We sailed up the Chesapeake, through Virginia, Maryland, Delaware and then across the Delaware River and spent a day and a half in Cape May, New Jersey. We have almost the perfect weather window for sailing the 24 hours to NYC, the wind is 10 -15 knots on the aft quarter, it would be better if it was on the beam and there are possible thunder storms predicted but one cannot be picky!
The trip to the top of the Chesapeake was lovely.  There are some sandy cliffs along the way and there is rolling countryside with lots of beautiful houses to look at.  The bird life was varied, the grey herons and the ospreys kept me busy with the binoculars.  
While we were in Cape May we rented bicycles and went out to the lighthouse we saw when we were sailing in and climbed up.  There was a fellow at the top that explained that Cape May is on the migratory path up and down the coast and there is a fresh water lake very close to the ocean so lots of birds stop by. There was a small museum by the lighthouse hand there were pictures of the sand erosion from the beach overtime.  There was an true of the WWII bunker on the beach about 10 m out in the surf.  I asked a local how they replaced the sand and he said they bring big dredges out that go about 1/2 mile offshore and through big pipes they blow the sand back on the beach.  There a then front end loaders and caterpillars that smooth it out and stop the erosion.  
We had fun on the bikes taking random paths, we found a bird sanctuary and a small market garden where we bought freshly picked strawberries.  I put them in the basket of the bicycle and they were much the worse for wear by the time we returned to the boat but the taste was still far superior to the
ones you get in the store. I am looking forward to exploring. NYC and then heading north back to Canada.
A nuclear power plant on the New Jersey side of the Delaware River. 
We just love the old lighthouses in the Chesapeake and the Delaware Rivers.