Monday, August 01, 2016

Arrival in Europe

We arrived in Lagos, Portugal on July 28, 2016. Europe is the sixth and last continent we will visit aboard Cat's-Paw IV. The only one we have not visited in Antartica and Barry refuses to consider the possibility of going there.  Lagos is on the south coast of Portugal, it is a tourist destination for folks from the British Isles with lots of Irish pubs and we hear lots of English accents. 
These lovely cliffs were the scene that welcomed us as we rounded the western tip of Portugal and headed for the marina.  The European prices at the marina ensured that we only stayed one night.  We piled a lot into our first day in Europe, we hosed down the boat and cleaned up inside, did some grocery shopping, did the laundry, visited the chandlery, had a long blissful very hot shower and hit the hay to the accompianmnet of the band ashore. 
I dragged Barry out for a walk after supper.  I had the early shift the night before we arrived so he slept from 7:30 to 10:30 P.M. and then he did not wake me up until 0400 and then we were within 10 miles of our destination so he did not want to go to sleep, so he been awake since 10:30 the night before, what a guy, walking with his wife after his evening meal!! 
Today, we moved over to an anchorage inside a protected breakwater and took the dinghy ashore.  It was over a 2 nm ride. We discovered a very touristy spot with restaurants galore.  I found a place that sold pastries, and then a spot to get my hair cut.  
The Sisters are from the Ukraine and we had fun explaining to them the concept of living and tour no the world on our boat and hearing of their adventures setting up shop in Denmark, Kiev and Portugal.  I thought she did a great job on the hair as well.