Friday, August 12, 2016

Finding out about Columbus

We decided to stay at a marina, it just happened to be close to where Columbus departed from. I was unable to find much info on directions etc. on the Internet.  With much trepidation we set out to find the location of replica's of the Nina, Pinta and the Santa Maria. 
We asked at a hotel to figure out where the bus stop was and then I asked the bus driver and we managed to get off at the correct stop. We then walked about a kilometre, some of which was in the wrong direction and we found the exhibition, I was so pleased. 
This is as close as I got to climbing up the rat lines, I have always wanted to do that, but safety concerns always seem to get in the way. SHUCKS. 
 Then after I got to the top I could come down like this guy, actually this has never featured in my plans!

The next day we headed down the coast and went up the Quadalquivir River to the city of Seville. It was not as nice a trip as up the Quadiana because it is really flat the whole way up.
  There are lots of fishing boats anchored in the river. 
We also saw lots of birds, herons, stork's and lovely white spoonbills with their large spoon shaped black beaks. We had to anchor half way up the river as the current changed so instead of having a 2 knot current with us we would have been fighting it. We stayed at a rather rundown marina about 15 minutes out of the centre of Seville, by bus. We stayed an extra day because we checked the weather for the Straits of Gibraltar and there will be a big against us until Tuesday, so there is no rush to get the.