Friday, March 17, 2006

Prevost Harbor, WS

We had fun sailing this week, maybe I should say I had fun sailing this week. It was threatening to gale on Wed. morning so Barry wanted to go back to Sidney, we headed towards Sidney but stayed in an American harbour next to a park. We had a good sail up there, 20 knots downwind most of the way the boat behaved beautifully, no problems. The next day it was threatening to gale again and Barry wanted to go back to Sidney, instead we headed for Roche Harbor. It galed!! The winds were sustained 30 knots with gusts up to 37 knots, we sailed upwind into the gale. It actually blew our wind vane off, it's gone!! Other than that no problems, well, we did forget to tighten down one window and we got some water in the boat, the bilge pump went to work but couldn't get all the water out on the one tack, not good. We put the Monitor vane on and it actually steered the boat better than we could have, it did a great job. This morning we woke up and I asked Barry what he wanted to do and he said he wanted to go back to Sidney, so I gave in and said we would, after we went ashore and walked around Roche Harbor.
Wet and Wild Barry, notice how tilted he is, he is actually standing up straight on the healed over boat.
Roche Harbor actually has quite a bit of history, they had a big limestone quarry and kilns there at the turn of the century and into the 1930's and 40's. There was a wealthy family that ran the lime works and he built a memorial to his family in the middle of the woods. He built columns that have the same circumference and diameter of the those in King Solomon's temple and then in the center there is a round table of limestone and cement surrounded be six stone and cement chairs, it is the same as the family table and it represents a symbolic reunion after death. It was pretty neat to see the structure in the middle of the forest, all of on its own.
After that we headed back to Sidney and had a wonderful sail back, it was a gorgeous sunny day and we practised our sun shots on the sextant and Barry snapped this shot. You can see our vane working in the background.
A couple of Yellowknifer's are supposed to drop by to see the boat next week. It will be nice to show it off, if you are planning to be on Vancouver Island anytime soon make sure you drop by to see us. Oh, by the way if you are reading everything, just so you know I did NOT get to go shopping in Friday Harbor, Barry agreed to go sailing instead!!