Thursday, March 16, 2006

We had the pleasure of being boarded by the U.S. Coast Guard today. The mothership came rumbling by and then "baabing" there was a zodiac in the water. Barry says I think they are coming over here and I said no, why? Sure enough they headed our way and said they were coming aboard to make an inspection. What a nice couple of cute fellows, very polite and professional and social, they introduced themselves as Cameron and Chris. We made small talk as they looked at all our documents, called in our names to some US governing body, and checked out our safety equipment. You will be glad to know that we are not wanted for anything in the U.S. (our kids haven't sent them out looking for us) and Cat's Paw IV passed the safety inspection with flying colours.

One of the guys really looks like David Berry, I almost said Hi Dave when he came on board, my goodness, he was even from David's neck of the woods, Maine, (kind of) so I guess they grow them really cute out there. We gave them our boat card and told them they would be famous on our blog in a few days, the one guy even checked with the other guy when they left the boat to check out whether or not he had the internet address.

After they left they hopped back on their zodiac and went back to the mothership. Now I know why the zodiac just appeared "baabing" when they came over, they actually drove the zodiac right onto a ramp in the back of the boat, it just disappeared up into boat, it was really neat. It was a very pleasant visit, we had perfectly clear conscience when they came aboard, no Canadian beef or chicken, no rogue limes or oranges, no illegal Vancouver Island potatoes, no unwanted garlic, all is well with the world. If those guys were an indication of the quality of the U.S. Coast Guard personnel, one and all will be welcome onboard Cat's Paw IV, anytime. Thanks guys!!