Wednesday, March 29, 2006

We have been graced with a wealth of visitors in the last few weeks. The first was Helen Butler from Yellowknife, we had a lovely sail and it was just great to be able to show our boat off to our very first non-family Yellowknifer. We cleared all our sails out of the v-berth so we would have room for guests and we whiled away the evening exchanging stories of our lives in the past year. It was wonderful.
Then we invited a local family that had befriended us last fall whom we are vaguely related too, she is my sister-in-law's brother's wife sister (If you can follow that you are a genius.)for a day sail. We had Lorna, Randy and Sandy Hughes on board. When we were out we saw a number of porpoises and some seals. Lorna has piloted whale watching zodiacs for a season or two, so was able to give us lots of information about the types of whales we could expect to see and the time of year we might see them. The wind was quite variable that day, but the sun shone all day it was a super day.
We had a call from John and Gail Borkovik, from Yellowknife, they were in Vancouver and wanted to know what marina we were at. After making it clear to them we were on Vancouver Island, they made the trek over and stayed with us for three nights. It was so nice to have their company and catch up on Yellowknife gossip. We had a terrific sail the day we took them out, Gail was a natural on the helm, John ability to stay on course did not quite cut the mustard. We even saw some whales, it wasn't a great sighting but after consulting with Lorna the next day we figured they were minke whales.
They helped us replace our windex which was blown off in the 35 knot winds we were out in last week. Check out for pictures of how high off the ground I actually was.