Wednesday, March 15, 2006

We have headed over to the U.S. for a little March break. Here Barry is checking into customs at Friday Harbor, WS. I have felt the need to go sailing for awhile and get away from Sidney. We were planning on spending 5 days over here and then heading back for the next session of our celestial navigation course. I now know how to shoot the sun and wanted Barry to take a picture of me using the sextant, but did not get around to it. I figure I would look like a real OLD SALT in the picture.

The weather is not co-operating, the wind has picked up to over 20 knots and Barry wants either to stay in port here or head back to Sidney, didn't he know that all I wanted to do was get away from there, just for a few days. I am game to stay here until the winds subside but not sure I can convince the CAPTAIN. There are some lovely stores here that I would like to go and explore so I think I will just go ahead and do that. I have not bought any clothes since Aug. last year and I am feeling deprived.