Thursday, March 09, 2006

Well doesn’t that beat all, it is the 9th of March and we woke up to snow today, unbelievable!!! We went all winter without a hint of snow and today we get the white stuff, it is supposed to stay cold and yukky all of next week. I guess that’s what I get for bragging about the trees being in bloom and the daffodils being out. I just can’t’ figure out this west coast weather. We have lost the battery charger to our camera so it will not work at the moment so we have to get to a camera shop and get a replacement charger. I know all of you would have loved to see pictures of us in the snow in MARCH, arrggghhh!!!!

We attended an excellent meeting last night about Winlink and weather faxes and all sorts of stuff last night. The presenter really new his stuff and had made a power point presentation on a CD and GAVE each boat a copy. So if you didn’t catch it all at the meeting you could review it at home. Just Super Stuff.

I found out there are several position plotting sites out there which will allow us to radio in our position and once we leave you will be able to follow our progress using a site on the Internet. That was so super to hear, you would even be able to see how fast we were going and we could give a brief report about the weather or the seas or whatever. I think that is quite exciting because people on land will be able to track us if they want to. I am thinking we will set it up for our around the island tour in late May so will keep you posted on what site we are going to use and where you can go to find it.

I have just generated a new TO DO list and I am currently working on putting together a DITCH bag. If you have to abandon ship everything you theoretically need to survive should be in your ditch bag, IMPORTANT STUFF, this should be an interesting exercise.