Monday, February 12, 2007

I have been trying to upload pictures of that sailboat and do another blog on the internet but our connection still sucks so I will do this one through my brother, so sorry no pics.
Jen and Mark are here with us now, it is nice to get to know the man who has stolen my daughter's heart. He seems like a good sort and has a lovely Cape Breton accent. They arrived yesterday without incident. We all spent a quiet night on the boat. Trish and Graeme have changed surfing locations, they have moved further down the coast so we are taking the boat back down south so we can all meet them. It is about 75 miles south of Manzanillo and it will take us over 13 hours to get there so we figured rather than rush through a really long day we would sail there over night. Hope we can find the little spot Trish and Graeme are in when we get there!!!
I have to tell you about a bus ride we took the other day. The bus was pretty full so Barry was standing until an older Mexican gentleman moved over and invited him to sit down. Barry immediately struck up a conversation and was yakking away to the guy. It was very comical, I was 2 seats behind on the other side and you could see everyone listen to what this gringo was trying to say. Barry told him he was a Canadian, one of our first conversational gambits, and that he had sailed here, how big the boat was, how long we had been sailing, etc. Then he told them I was his "espousa" and said I was the one in the red hat, but he said it a " rojo chapeau" and got a really blank look and then went oh yeah a sombrero rojo, everyone smiled and smiled. Then he told them his daughters were down here and we finally got across by hand actions that they were surfing (because there is no Spanish word in our dictionary for surfing), then he says, no mi, mi no loco!! ( Not me, I'm not crazy) Well the whole section of the bus started laughing, it was great to share that moment with a bunch of Spanish speaking strangers on a bus, people of different cultures and backgrounds communicating with the universal language of laughter, it doesn't get much better than that.