Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Our buddies from Yellowknife have arrived. They drove to Manzanillo from Puerta Villarta and managed to find us at anchor at Las Hadas. The next morning we set off for points north with all four of us on board. Our first stop was a lovely isolated anchorage about 5 miles north of Manzanillo is a very private spot with no houses or hotels around just hills, rocks and a nice pebble beach. The next day we motored and sailed the 15 miles to Melaque which is a nice spot with a huge long beach a little town and lots of tourists. There is a trailer park and there are all sorts of RV's parked there and from what I could see they were mostly Canadians there. We have been enjoying each others company, swimming and diving off the boat and relaxing with good food and wine. Barry and Ian put on a display of diving off the boat yesterday, each one vying to show up the other. We even had them doing back dives off the side of the boat, Barry climbed up on the radar arch and executed a half turn off the rail, good form. Ian is perfecting his dive from the cabin top, he is working on keeping his legs from bending and his toes pointed. I am a chicken to try that because I think I may catch my feet on the lifelines as I go over. There is a nice spot to go snorkeling so I think I will head over there now.
Not bad Ian, not bad at all!!