Tuesday, February 13, 2007

We are in Muruata, which is about 75 miles south of Manzanillo. It is a very nice anchorage, a small village, but lovely big rocks on the south side of a headland. We managed a beach landing in the dinghy with Jen, Mark and myself, but on the way out I almost got swamped. I was by myself and I was peering over the edge to try and figure out if I was going to ding the prop or not and I took my eye off the waves. Well the waves almost got me, the dinghy got twisted around and all of a sudden I was headed for shore. I managed to get the boat turned around so I was heading for the boat and realized that it was a quarter full of water. I had forgotten to tie on the baler so there I was with tons of water floating around in the dinghy, the gas can was even floating. I got back to the boat and Barry and I bailed for about 5 minutes. We put all of Jen and Mark's luggage in big green garbage bags that were specially imported from Canada by Trish. I got to shore without dunking the luggage, Jen had figured out a different approach and ended up getting in the water and swimming out to the dinghy to show me the way in, because I was confused!!! ( Maybe I had some of that water on the brain)
We hopped on a bus and went to where we thought Trish was. We got to a little town then took a cab to the beach. Trish and Graeme were walking down the road by the shore as we drove up, good stuff. Jen was yelling out the window at her "Hey Gringa" Trish was ignoring us, but she had a big smile on her face when we got out of the cab. It is great to have Jen along, she is fluent in Spanish from her year in Venezuela. She just yabbers away with everyone and we get the low down on where to go, what time to catch the bus and anything else our little hearts desire. The only problem is with her around, non of the rest of us want to bother saying anything.
Jen and Mark found a room and I took a room for the night as I wasn't fussy about getting a bus back by myself when it might be dark when I got to the boat. The room was $10.00, it was clean and the sheets were clean and there was a bed but there was no toilet paper, no soap and I couldn't get the shower to work, what do you want for $10.00? I went and watched Graeme surf and built an inukshuk on the beach. There were lots of surfers there. Today Graeme, Trish and a fellow surfer from England who just happens to have a doctorate in environmental toxins, came to the boat and we went snorkeling. There was a large rock with a hole in it that had some great fish in it and the sides of the cave had very beautiful fans and plant growth on it, absolutely beautiful colours. They headed back to the surf spot today with a promise to show up again in 2 days for more snorkeling. While I was gone Barry changed oil, oil filter, watermaker filters, fuel filters and made water and ran the generator for 5 hours with no one to complain about the noise. When we arrived he was in the water cleaning barnacles off the bottom, I should leave him by himself more often.
That't it for now, remember be good to your Valentine, everyone loves chocolate.