Friday, February 02, 2007

Trish and Graeme arrived safe and sound. It is great to see them, Trish looks wonderful with her belly, she is 6 months at the moment so she has a nice little belly that doesn't get in her way or stop her from doing much. She didn't bring her surfboard but that didn't stop her from moaning and groaning about not being able to do any surfing yesterday.
I guess I should back up a bit, they arrived around 5 P.M. so they just came to the boat and stayed the night with us. Yesterday we all took the bus down to the place they are planning to surf and checked out the waves and accomodations. There were a number of surfers types hanging about when we got there so the kids got the scoop about what the waves have been doing and where was the best place to stay. The hotel they chose is right on the beach and the couple that is running it seem very nice. They have quite a bit of English so Trish was able to negotiate a reduction in the room rate if they stayed there for the whole three weeks. Graeme spent about 3 hours in the water surfing on the waves that were available, apparently they weren't very good, they broke too quickly I guess. There are supposed to be big waves coming this weekend so we are planning on heading out to visit on Sunday.

The bus trip was a good experience, we took a cab from the anchorage to the bus station. We had to get someone that could speak English to explain to our driver where exactly we wanted to go. Then we took a bus to a town called Techoman, then another cab to the beach. The bus was only $3.20 for an hour bus ride and it was really comfortable. We found out that a local bus goes out to the beach so we paid 60 cents and took that on the way back to Techoman where we got a bus back to Manzanillo. It was quite an interesting day, nice to get away from the boat and see some of the countryside.
Today Trish and Greame and I went snorkeling about 10 minutes away from the anchorage by dinghy and had a lovely time. We saw a whole lot of fish and Graeme had a great time with a disposable underwater camera they had bought and was busy snapping pictures of fish the whole time he was in the water. Barry stayed back on the boat and finished the patch job on the genoa. Together I would say we spent over 5 hours sewing that thing up. The patch should hold.