Tuesday, February 20, 2007

We are back in Manzanillo. We sailed back from Maruata, arriving last Friday night. We had a good sail up, managing to actually sail about half the time. Maruata was a gorgeous spot, sandy beaches, a protected anchorage and a sleeply little town unspoiled by big time tourism, Barry said it felt like being in small town Saskatchewan. We spent our time there visiting with other yachties, exploring the town, flying some stunt kites that Jennifer gave us and running up to Ticla where Trish and Graeme were staying to visit.

Jen and Mark after staying in Ticla a couple of days bused it to Manzanillo. We have seen them a couple of times since we have arrived, they came aboard and we went snorkeling, and today we went to visit them in their hotel room. It is a lovely spot right on the beach with a nice pool. We got to have a hot shower, what a treat, Barry said he didn't realize what a good tan he has until he looked in the mirror at the hotel. We played cards, dice, went swimming in the pool and the ocean, flew the kites on the beach and Jen cut my hair. She did a great job, and it was fun having my daughter cut my hair as the sun set over the Pacific Ocean. It was a lovely sunset and it was so special that we could share it with Jen and Mark. Ahh, the life of a cruiser!!!
Jen and Mark watching the dolphins on our sail down to Maruata

All the kids go home on Wednesday and our friends Ian and Helen from Yellowknife arrive on Saturday for a short visit. They are currently in Miami at the boat show so they should have some good tales to tell once they arrive.

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you that Barry got a big fish on the way back from Maruata. He finally caught a dorado, otherwise known as a maui-maui, it was really big and very tasty. He fought the good fight one the hook but had swallowed it hook, line and sinker as they say and we managed to get him aboard after a battle to lift him into the boat. It was so pretty that it was almost a shame to kill him. I calculate that our Mexican fish are now down to $37.50 per fish and dropping fast. This one alone was worth the price.