Monday, April 23, 2007

Hi there, we are in Loreto, and we have found an internet cafe. Hope you enjoy the pictures.Anchorage on Isla Espiritu. We climbed back into the hills and this is what we saw.

The rocks really were this colour, are they not truly amazing.

Salt pans just behind the beach, they must pump the water into them somehow and then just let it evaporate. Notice the little pile at the edge of the pan, it was very salty stuff. Sandi, Steven and I almost at the top of the island. If you looked to the left you would see the salt pans. This was at Isla San Francisco.

If you look closely at the picture of the ridge you can see me standing up there. Barry says, just go over there so I can get a picture. I went very, very slowly to get there. The boat is anchored in Honeymoon Cove. We found our own mushroom rock at this anchorage.
This cactus is just huge. All the ground cover around it is really prickly so if you are planning to go hiking you should wear pants. We have those shorts with legs you can zip off and on and they came in really handy for hiking. Both our legs look like we have been through a forest of spiky things.

Check out this fish s teeth. okay I can not find the apostrophy so you will just have to imagine it is there.