Sunday, April 29, 2007

Hi there we are in Santa Rosalia. It is our next to last stop. We are in the process of cleaning up the boat and sorting out our stuff. This morning I went through all the clothes that we had stored in Ziahuatanejo to choose what we wanted to bring home to Canada with us. It was fairly depressing to put mitts and toques in the bag, but we have packed our floater jackets as well, hoping that we will get some sailing in while we are in Yellowknife. You never know I just might be able to find a ride on the Atlantic Ocean when I am in Sydney, NS to visit with Jennifer.
These pictures are from San Jaunico Bay, the geological marvel. I have put some picture of the Cat´s-Paw IV sign from 1995 on the last blog.

We saw all these birds in a feeding frenzy yesterday. We also saw a pack of about a 100 porpoises, also feeding. We alway feel priveledged to see such natural phenomenums. ( I know the spelling isn´t correct but the spell checker is in Spanish so not much help)