Friday, April 27, 2007

It is bright and sunny and we are sailing at about 5 knots into the wind, tacking, tacking. Barry said he thought maybe we should motor so we would get there faster but why? What do we have to do when we get there? Nothing, so we might as well sail and enjoy the beautiful day. It is rather fun as Mungo is sailing with us and we are having a tacking duel up the west coast of the Sea of Cortez. The two boats are pretty well matched upwind but once we head off the wind Mungo just sails away from us.
Our trip today is the longest we have had for awhile, about 40 miles so we set off at dawn and hope to arrive about supper time. Tomorrow will be another fairly long day and then we will have reached our northern destination on the west side of the Sea, Santa Rosalia. We hope to cross to San Carlos on the Mexican mainland on Monday or Tuesday, weather permitting.
Yesterday we were in this lovely bay, San Juanico, it had very interesting geological specimens everywhere. There were sandstone saddles, rocky spires and coloured striations. We went walking along and one section had fossilized sea life embedded everywhere. Barry was in his glory. We saw a small tree on the beach and went over to investigate. Cruisers from years past had put up signs with their boat names on the tree. There were names on driftwood nailed to the tree, names written on clam shells hung from the tree, also names carved in sandstone stashed under the tree. I was being nosy and reading lots of driftwood when I came upon Cat's-Paw IV. There it was as plain as day, Cat's-Paw IV, Jim, Penny, Teaser (their cat) 95. I was truly amazed to see the sign still there after 12 years and was it ever a joyous feeling to know that the boat had been there before and here it was back again with new owners. I found a piece of driftwood and drilled holes (well indentations really) in it to say Ann + Barry 07. Barry suggested I pound little nails into the holes I had made so after I had finished that we went ashore and drilled holes in the original sign and attached our sign to the bottom of it with some stainless steel wire. I wonder if the next owner of Cat's-Paw IV will ever find that spot?????? I must remember to get in touch with Jim and Penny and let them know once we get back to Sidney.
I have been savouring the sunsets, the bright skies and the endless hills and mountains to store them in my memory bank so I can last until we return in the fall. Hope the Canadian spring is well underway for all of you, see some of you in about 2 weeks, YIKES!!!