Sunday, April 22, 2007

We are gradually making our way north. We are once again traveling with Mungo so it is great to have company. We have been seeing other boats that we have gotten to know so it has become a real cruising community. Today we are motoring to a spot that is 9 miles east of Loreto. Loreto has a population of about 8,000, so we hope to be able to go there tomorrow and get some fresh fruits and vegs. which are in a fairly short supply on Cat's-Paw IV at the moment. Loreto does not have a port so we hope to get there fairly early in the day tomorrow, anchor the boats and then go ashore and find a market and an internet site. I want to be able to add some of the great photos we have of the anchorages and terrain around here, as well as see the pictures of my new grandson.
We spent last night in a hurricane hole called Puerto Escondido, they charged us an outrageous amount to ANCHOR is that location, but we were sure safe from any big winds. The anchorage is backed by the Sierra La Giganta (3,674 feet). We didn't get a chance to try and clamour up any of those slopes. We spent the night before in Honeymoon Cove where Barry and I climbed up to the top of the hill and took some great shots. Barry climbed up in his Crocs and afterwards said it was not a good Croc climbing spot!!! We had brunch today at the Hidden Port Yacht Club in Puerto Escondido and it was great to meet some folks that call this area home and share good food with them. There was some fresh fruit on the table and Steve, Sandi, Barry and I gravitated to that dish fairly quickly. It is overcast and there is no wind so we are happily making water as the miles pass under the keel.