Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The sunset was spectacular crossing the Sea of Cortez, notice how flat and calm the seas look. Barry managed to snap this shot of this leaping dolphin, not an easy task with a digital camera with a delay.
We are in La Paz, at anchor decided not to go into a marina, have done quite enough of that lately although it is very convenient. We were going to leave Friday morning to get away before the Easter break. We took our laundry in to get done today and Barry said it would be done at 2:00. I went about 3:00 to get it and she left at 1:00 and won't be back until Sat. so I guess we are here until she opens on Sat. morning. Oh well, it is supposed to be a lovely own, now we will have an extra day to explore.
These pictures were taken at Balandra Bay, the water really is that colour, I didn't touch up the picture. I guess that "mushroom" rock is a local landmark, but it has fallen down a couple of times so now it is unknown if it is real or a fake one they put together so the landmark remains. Notice we are in our wet suits, the water is definitely cooler over here but was it ever clear, you could see really well. Ian and Ness are oceanographers so we learned a lot snorkeling with them.

The Baja Ferry went steaming by, it takes people from La Paz over to the mainland, Mazatlan is one of the stops. It reminded us of the B.C. ferries. We hope everyone has a Happy Easter if I don't post again before then.