Sunday, June 24, 2007

Jen is due today but no signs that baby is ready to make her/his appearance. Yesterday we packed up all the boxes Jen had in the house and then went down to watch a regatta in Sydney Harbour. Today we were headed over to Mark and Jen's new house and a sailboat race was just beginning so we stopped to watch. A woman came up and started talking to me and it turned out she and her husband were going out for a sail and she very kindly asked if I would like to join them. What could I say!! They had a C and C 27 and we went out for a genteel sail up the harbour and back, we were gone for about 3 hours and the Captain let me take the tiller and I was in my glory. Very nice boat, there was another couple on board and the fellow gets seasick so we sailed with only the genoa up, therefore it was quite genteel, but it was just super to be back on the water. They said to give them a call and let them know what Jen has and if there is time they may ask me out again. Wow, could I get any luckier.

Mark and Jen worked on stairs for the house today. There was an old deck that had been on the house that was on the lot before and we took the rails off and the lumber on the floor of the deck off to use for the new stairs. You have to have stairs on the house before you are allowed to move in. I was responsible for taking the rails off, which I throughly enjoyed and then Mark asked me to take the nails out of the deck floor boards, which I did not enjoy so much. Why is it a woman does not hit a nail like a man??? Is it just faint heartedness, hand/eye co-ordination is not as good, or is it just they do not do it on a regular basis? Any other ideas?? It kind of bothers me.

We had the first b-b-q at their new home. Jen and Mark's Dad put the b-b-q together while I was sailing and we sat around in the dirt and had steak, baked potatoes and salad. They tasted pretty good. Tomorrow the step is going to be completed and hopefully more boxes will appear and we will be able to pack more.