Thursday, June 28, 2007

at Sydney Harbour Visitor Centre
We are almost done packing, moving day is on Saturday. Jen hasn't felt the need to visit the maternity ward yet so she is still sorting through stuff and packing up. The house isn't finished yet but the basement has been approved so we will move all Jen's stuff into the basement and get the apartment cleaned up. The workmen still need to lay the floor in the living room, the kitchen and bedrooms floors are done and I think the water has been turned on. Jen has some very good friends that live in town from med school in Saskatchewan and they will be away for most of July. They have offered their house for us to stay in if we need to, I rather think we are going to need to, at least Jen and baby will need to!!
We finshed the back step the other night. It was an orgy of nail pounding. At the end of the night I had a tiny blood blister on one finger where I had slightly squashed it and a wonderful full sized hammering blister on the other hand . I discovered you do get better at hammering the more you do and I probably got the blister because I choke up on the hammer and hold it about a third of the way up, hmm, will have to work on that. There is still the side deck to reside and put the floor on. There are three steps all together, front, side and back.
We had a lobster feed last night, Mark already ate one of the claws off this monster. It was excellent and I got tips from a Caper on how to open the lobster tail and what parts I should try and what parts might make me really sick!!! Mark said that I could eat the green stuff, but I just couldn't manage to try it although I did eat some of the eggs. This morning Jen and I went and had a pedicure, she wanted her toes to be beautiful when they are up in the stirrups. When we got home I wanted a picture of our toenails and is this shot, we are standing toe to toe, with great difficulty I might add. Imagine standing toe to toe with a basketball between you and taking a picture of your feet and you will percieve the difficulties.