Saturday, June 16, 2007

Mom and I got a dressed up and went to high tea the other day. It was a very nice affair, held in a private home. This lady apparently does a lot of entertaining. There were 6 tables set up, 3 outside and 3 inside. All were beautifully set with wine glasses, plates, silverware, linen napkins and tea cups and saucers. After we had sandwiches and scones and had finished our wine they inquired what kind of tea we would like. At our table of 4 there were 3 different kinds of tea requested and they brought out 3 different tea pots. I asked where she had gotten the tea pots and it was explained that they all belonged to the lady of the house. Imagine enough tea pots to serve tea to 6 different tables that may have 4 different requests for tea per table. That just boggled my mind.
We spent a lovely 2 days visiting Bill at his cottage on Lake Winnipeg, just north of Gimli. It was a very relaxing time and we managed to accomplish a few things. We had a bonfire overlooking the lake and burned up some leftover pieces of wood and I cut off some dead tree limbs that were annoying Bill. We didn't get the lawns cut because it was very wet there. There was standing water in the ditches and the front lawn of the cottage was very wet. The screened in porches were a great asset when the hordes of mosquitoes descended upon us. Both Bill and I suffered from itchy bites but Mom seemed to be immune, don't you just hate people like that!!