Wednesday, June 20, 2007

That is the Atlantic Ocean behind us
I am in Sydney, NS now visiting with my middle daughter Jennifer and her partner Mark Stonehouse. Jen is 8 1/2 months pregnant, due on June 24 according to her last ultra sound but Jen still believes her due date is July 3rd. We were at a baby shower last night and someone mentioned that if Jen held off until July 7, the baby would be born on o7/07/07. It was great to meet here friends and colleagues. Jen is in great health and does not complain about being uncomfortable although getting out of soft furniture is getting to be a bit of a trial!

A Diaper Cake, quite ingenious I thought.

I have been here about 5 days and we have done a lot. Last weekend we went to visit some friends of Jen's from one of her placements in Arichat NS which is on the south east side of Cape Breton Island. It was very foggy during the drive so we didn't see a lot but we visited a potter that Jen knew and went to a kitchen party at another house. Jen took along her guitar and we sang and she played into the wee hours. One of the fellows there had a Newfoundland Ugly Stick, which is a noise making stick that you bang on the floor. It jingles and there is another stick that has notches in it that you saw on the big stick with to produce more noise. It you look closely at the picture you can see that the noise makers on the ugly stick are all beer bottle caps. I think you would have a grand time if you constructed the ugly stick in one sitting with a bunch of friends. Sounds like a great boat project!!!

We have been over to Jen's new house several times, taking measurements for curtains, sorting out the tile for the kitchen floor and seeing what is happening. They have promised to have it ready to move into on June 26, so now the race is on, will the baby or the move come first. Jen and I have been packing up her apartment and getting it ready for a baby. For those of you that don't know Jen, she is into almost everything and has the stuff to go with all her interests and hobbies. She has camping, diving, climbing, snorkeling, surfing equipment as well as her winter sports pursuits, snowboarding, kite skiing and ice climbing Add to that her 100o movies and her craft supplies for knitting, cross stiching, sewing, painting and pottery, it all adds up to lots of "stuff". We emptied out some shelves in her bedroom the other day and made room for a baby dresser. Now all the stuff from the shelves is piled in the living room, ready to be moved. I am to empty out a hutch in her kitchen tonight and pack the stuff in there into boxes, but I don't have a clue where to pile the boxes.

Constructing the baby dresser/change table