Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Quinn, the drunken sailor
(drunk on milk)
I am in Calgary now, spending a few days with my brother, Bob. Trish and Quinn drove me in from Windermere on Monday and on Tues. morning we went shopping and then at noon we had a chance to see one of the choirs my brother sings in, perform. That was a real treat. We headed to MECC after that and proceeded to buy some of the stuff on my list, some that wasn't as well!!! Trish headed home with Grame and arrived safely.

Last night Bob and I headed out to look at bicycles. My brother is quite the miser and procrastinator and he has needed a new bike for awhile. He rides it to work every day and he lives way on the south side of Calgary so he rides at least 10 miles twice a day. At present he is riding his son's old bicycle and has had to repair it numerous times. When he came to visit us last Nov. on the island he exclaimed how nice our bikes were so I was appalled that he had not gotten around to buying himself a new one yet. So, I am on a mission.

Anyways, we headed out in a Calgary thunderstorm. We had a fantastic view of the lightning and the rain wasn't too heavy. As we approached the area where the bike shop was the traffic had slowed down and people were turning around and we couldn't figure out what was going on. The streets were flooded. Cars were stuck in the middle of the street and some were driving on the center boulevard to get by the puddles, it was mayhem. We reversed down the road and got turned around and tried a different route. Once again, traffic slowed down and there were people out in the middle of the street up to their knees in water, waving off the traffic. A bunch of the side streets were flooded, so we decided that it wasn't our night to get a bike and headed home to a game of scrabble. I am meeting him downtown today after work to look at one of his favourite shops.
Isn't Quinn cute,? I could not resist that outfit. The hat is great.