Tuesday, September 04, 2007

I had a simply marvelous September long weekend. I went to Moose Bay with our good friends Janet and George Diveky and thier granddaughter Jackie, on their 35 foot Ericson, YOLA. It is a 25 mile race out on Saturday, we stay over on Sunday and have a grand potluck supper and then on Monday we race back to Yellowknife. Well, let's not talk about the racing, on the way out the winds were very fickle, to put it kindly, and we motored after 5 hours of torture and then started again only to have the wind gods frown on us once more, causing the first leg to be scrubbed. On the way home we started off the day motoring again, although the wind did come up and we were able to tack our way slowly towards YK. When we were 4 miles from home we hit a dearth of wind in the dreaded Dettah wind hole. As it was getting to be late in the day the Captain, very correctly, made the call to take the sails down and surrender and we would have to register a very unsatisfying DNF. AWWWWWWW!!

While we were in Moose Bay we checked out the cranberry situation, took a side trip to Drybones to check out the forest fire and the old Dene settlement, watched Jackie and the birthday boy Julian negotiate a floating bridge and dregded up many wonderful September long weekend memories. I am so glad I was able to go, the only thing that could have made it any better would have been if I could have shared it with Barry. He is just being a busy beaver working as hard as he possibly can in Fort Simpson. I have two weeks until I leave Yellowknife and then I will return to Invermere to be my daughter's legs for a week or so while she gets her knee repaired.