Thursday, September 20, 2007

I made it to Windermere by the skin of my teeth. I had left my luggage in Bob's office downtown and he said he would give me a ride to the bus station. Lovely idea, BUT, he got caught in traffic and when we got to the bus station I had to butt in line because the bus was scheduled to leave the moment we got there. The teller phoned and asked if the bus had left yet and the lovely people at Greyhound actually held the bus for me while Bob ran around lugging my truly voluminous luggage around the terminal for me while I got the ticket.

Trish left here at 0500 this morning in order to be at the hospital at 0630 for pre op to fix her Anterior Cruciate Ligament in her knee. When she was in the hospital bed waiting to go into surgery they told her that a machine that was necessary for her surgery wasn't there. They do not have a permanent machine so have to share with other hospitals. It was supposed to be flown in last night, someone went to the airport to get it and it wasn't there. Rather than sit around all day and starve, waiting to fit into the surgery schedule they decided to do her knee on Monday morning. Quinn and I got to know each other, I had so much fun blowing on his feet when I was changing his pants. Trish and Graeme had some time alone together to do some shopping and I had a good practise run for Monday.

Before I left Yellowknife I took Cassidy and Elijah to the store and Elijah chose racing cars on a little track as his treat. He kept me busy putting the track together and changing the tops of his cars. The electical connection did not always work the way it should so it made for a busy afternoon. He asked to take it to his Dad's house, so we dismantled it and packed it up for transportation, someone else can wrestle with it now!!