Wednesday, September 19, 2007

So I am in Calgary now, headed for Windermere later today. It had snowed in Yellowknife on Saturday so I was looking forward to some warmer weather the further south I got. So, today in Calgary it snowed. I have been accused by my brother and my nephew of bringing the weather with me and I probably did. Hopefully it will be a tad warmer in Windermere, I was counting on a lovely southern fall. Barry said it snowed all day on Sunday in Fort Simpson. He will stay in Simpson until the middle of October and then he will drive out to meet me at our daughter's place in Windermere. I see to have accumulated a lot of luggage in my travels and had to pay extra on the plane and on the bus. ON THE BUS, my goodness they have the whole bottom of the bus to fill up and there wasn't room to squeeze a couple of extra bags on, give me a break. Oh well, the extra baggage on the bus was a lot cheaper than what I had to pay on the plane. Must go and catch my bus now.