Sunday, September 23, 2007

Quinn experiencing '"solid" foods
Trish and I have been busy the last few days. We went to Radium Hot Springs and soaked away our troubles for the morning. Quinn really enjoyed the warm water and seemed quite happy to get his face wet and float around on his back. Yesterday we joined in a yogathon to raise money for people that plant trees around the world. Apparently people all over the world were doing "sun salutations" for 108 minutes to raise awareness about world peace and other stuff. The girl that organized it showed a video about this organization that has planted 50 milliion trees around the world, replanting a barren mountain slope in the Phillipines that had been deforested for over a 100 years. They planted 3 species of trees and over 30 other species started growing once the planted trees had taken root, that was a pretty awesome fact. Amazing that seeds could lay dormant for over 100 years and then florish!!

Blue Eyes Squared

We saw a bear hanging about the yard yesterday and when I went down to the bottom of the yard to put the composting in it's spot, the bear had broken the top off the crabapple tree and leaned ]on a branch of the tree with the MacIntosh apples and busted it, to get at those apples. He was a pretty good size, bigger than the 2 we saw on our drive from Yellowknife to Innisfail for the wedding.

Today we made 4 apple pies. The lady next door had given Trish some apples so we made a Dutch topping for one of the pies as she had requested, 2 were ordinary and we made a lattice top for the last one, as they say variety is the spice of life. We picked the potatoes yesterday so have to get them ready for storing today. I helped Trish plant them in May when I was here so it was very nice to be here to help her take them out of the ground. Trish goes in for her surgery tomorrow, so I hope that all goes as planned.
Quinn giving his Mom a kiss