Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Trish is on the mend. Quinn tried to put the crutches in his mouth, all things are normal.
Graeme took Trish into the hospital in Cranbrook on Monday to get her knee fixed. That was a good thing (that Graeme went with her instead of Quinn and I) they didn't get home until after 9:00 at night and Trish was still very groggy from the anesthetic. She looked pretty rough, I have never seen her so pale, it was a bit scary seeing her like that. Apparently the surgery went really well and she has to go back in 2 weeks to have the doctor look at it. When you watch her try and move her leg to a comfortable position you realize how much pain she must be in and how truly uncomfortable she is. She is not a complainer though and says very little about how much it hurts, believe me, she gets that from her Dad.
While they were gone I saw 2 bears cavorting around on the pasture about 300 meters from the house. Trish figures they were last years cubs. They seemed to be getting on quite well with each other and I just loved watching them put their heads down and scooch under a rail fence, amazing. One stood on his/her hind legs and helped herself to something in the bushes and then they wandered up to the neighbors deck to check it out and then headed off, after boxing each others ears. I make sure I am talking loudly to someone whenever I head down the driveway and I went and picked all the apples off of the tree, maybe they will figure out they are gone and take us off their snack route.