Thursday, November 01, 2007

We are safe and sound in San Carlos, MX. We had a good flight to Tucson and then caught the bus to San Carlos despite having to wait 25 minutes for a cab to get to the bus station. I was basically starting to panic but I should have remembered that it was a Mexican bus we were taking and it left 20 minutes late. Our buddies from Espiritu, Pat and Carole, very kindly picked us up from the bus station and drove us to the boat after a lovely dinner which featured out first Mexican margarita!!
It was basically a great trip except I bought some duty free Baileys when we passed through Calgary. I had it in my hand and the salesclerk said that I had to pack it in my luggage, I couldn't carry it on. I was going to give it back and she said she had bubble wrap so I reconsidered and stuck it in our luggage. Duty free after all. WRONG!! The bottle broke and we had very sweet sticky luggage. It actually dripped on all the bags and I have some lovely brown stains on some of my shirts, as well as sticky stuff all over the front of our floater jackets.
It was wonderful to see the boat again. It looked pretty good, a bit grimy, but not nearly as dirty as I had expected and best of all there are not bugs inside, bonus. We have a fairly large problem to deal with though. We took all our lines off the boat. We put in replacement lines to the top of the mast to enable us to just pull the original lines through when we returned. WELL, we chose the wrong type of replacement line and the line is disintegrating, it falls apart in your hands when you try to pull on it. We have no way of getting up to the top our mast to pull the lines through. I think the lines inside the mast may still be good but that is not a guarantee. The work yard where the boat is has a large standing structure for working on masts so the boat will have to be moved over there and we can hoist someone up to see if we can manage to get the lines back where they belong, or we will have to take the mast down, fun, fun, fun.
We are finding it very hot here and are drinking a lot of water and having siestas in the afternoon. Hope all is well with everyone back in Canada. we miss you all.