Sunday, November 11, 2007

Believe it or not that is me under all that covering. One side has the first coat on, red and the other side has the anit-fouling paint on. Barry says that the light blue strip above the paint is actually 6 inch masking tape, the yard boys use 1 inch tape, they are that good!!! Good thing I put that covering on, it looks like I paint in the same manner that I eat, I end up with it all over me!

We put on two coats of bottom paint today, so it acutally felt like we are getting somewhere. First we washed and scrubbed the whole bottom, then we wiped it off with fibreglass cleaner. Then the first coat was a barrier coat, a 2 part epoxy paint, we waited 3 hours and then added the first coat of anti-fouling paint. We will add another coat of anti-fouling tomorrow and that will be that. Out paint job does not look as good as the yard guys but as Barry says it will pass the 10 foot test. Hopefully the new paint will help keep the barnacles away. It worked well on another level the almost lethal fumes kept the bugs away all day, they would come within 10 feet of the boat and fall out of the sky.
The plan is to get the mast restepped on Tues. and if there is time we will be put in the water on Tues, the tides may not be right. Otherwise we are hoping to be in the water by Wed. for sure. Hasta Luego.