Friday, November 23, 2007

We were off the grid for the last week. We left San Carlos last Sat. and spent 4 days at one anchorage about 15 miles north and then went another 15 miles north and found another good spot. We were just getting used to the boat again and I cleaned and oiled the cap rail so it looks good. We were having a hard time keeping a charge in the batteries, so that meant that once it got dark we couldn't turn on any lights and had to make dinner using our head lamps and then read or cross stitch with the head lamps. We finally figured out that the batteries just weren't doing what they were supposed to, no matter how much we ran the generator and how much we ran the engine, no juice in them after a couple of hours.

SO we headed back to San Carlos to see if what we can do about them. Barry headed right to the marine store once we got to the dock and lo and behold they are getting a shipment of the type of batteries we need on Monday so some of our problems may be solved. Barry says the only problem is that they are 3 inches higher than they were, what were they thinking. YUCK!! How are we going to make them fit into the space that we have (big sigh).
We managed to fit in some beachcombing and I went snorkeling while we were out there, it was good to relax and enjoy the environment again.