Thursday, November 15, 2007

YIPPEE! We are in the water. The mast was put back on without a hitch and we managed to get the stays reattached without too much problem. We haven't got the hole where the mast goes in recaulked yet but that is on our to do list.

Yesterday we got a real surprise and her a voice from our other life on the VHF radio. Our buddy George Diveky from Yellowknife was in town. He is down here looking to buy a boat, what a lovely chance to show off Cat's-Paw IV to another Yellowknifer. He took us out for supper and then he came aboard and spent the night floating his way into dreamland. He had brought his Sat. phone with him and we were able to chat with Janet in Yellowknife for a few minutes.

I wanted to share some of the mast stepping pictures with you. It was a real experience, one I hope not to have to repeat any time soon. We are planning on leaving the anchorage on Sat. and will head north in the Sea of Cortez for awhile and then head on south. It is great to be back on the water.