Sunday, April 19, 2009

Living on the hard is a unique experience. For one thing you have no toilet facilities on board, so everytime you have to go to the bathroom you have to cimb down and up a 20 foot ladder. Usually you would feel the urge, get up, walk down the hall and do your thing. No, not when you live on a boat that is 20 feet up in the air. If you have the need to use the head you walk up the 5 stairs in the companionway to get to the cockpit, then you clambor over the side and down the 20 feet of ladder. If you have forgotten the key at the bottom of the ladder, you go back up to the cockpit and fumble around inside the boat to locate said key and then if your bladder is still co-operating you climb back down the ladder and head for the toilet. This is presuming that your mate does not have the key in his pocket and decided that he can chat with the neighbours, go to the store, or fill the car with gas as you sit with crossed knees awaiting the key to the all important toilet facilities. I have not got it across to Barry that when I have the urge to go, I have to go NOW, it is not good that he thinks that after using the facilities, he can do the laundry, pay bills, make phone calls and then come wandering back to the boat with the key. Today I knocked on the door to the laundry thinking that was where Barry said he would be, he was not there, but fortunately a friendly cruiser was there and I could borrow her key so my kidneys did not have to suffer any more. At times you feel as if you are still in grade school, hand up, May I go to the Bathroom Mrs. So and So, it really is degrading and I am sure my kidneys and bladder are taking a beating this week. Oh well, only 2 more day and then I can go pee any time I want. I have yet to perfect the male skill of peeing over the side, I guess I just need to practise, Ah Me, the life of a cruiser.