Sunday, April 19, 2009

We have been having fun with our neighbours. They are getting a new motor put in their boat and were staying at a hotel. Over the Easter weekend the hotel was fully booked so they found this trailer to stay in. Well they are now known as "Trailer Trash". Last night after a rowdy game of dice, we hung up some old rags and ratty underwear on the boat stand that is in front of the trailer. We threw beer cans, wine bottles and a couple of empty rum bottles in front of their door. What a hoot, all the guys in the yard got a good laugh when they got to work this morning at 0730. You can see Cat's-Paw in the background. She is almost ready to be put to bed for a year or more. We are leaving on the 1100 bus to Auckland tomorrow, so we just have to wipe the boat down with vinegar to keep the mould down, put the outboard and the life raft below, finish packing and do some last minute laundry in the morning and then we are off. We are having dinner with a set of Canadian friends on their boat on Wed, then lunch with our doctor buddy, the one that has set up Barry with the specialist when we get home in June, on Thur. Then the flight out is about 9 at night. It will be a long day. I think we actually take about 24 hours to get to Nova Scotia, so we will be totally screwed up time wise when we get there.