Thursday, April 23, 2009

WEll I must be in cruiser heaven. I have found the cheapest internet I have experienced for quite a while. It was $5.99 USD for 24 hours, WOW, what a deal. We paid $10.00/hour in our hotel in Auckland.
WE are on US soil at LAX. We have about 9 hours wait here so I figured I would try and see if there was any hotspots here. Not only is there a hotspot, there is a 110 volt plug in, something we haven't had for a year and a half, so life is good.
We fly to Toronto on the Red Eye tonight and then eventually get to Sydney NS about 2:00 tomorrow afternoon. I am a bit punch drunk, sleeping very little on the plane but I did get to see a bunch of good movies. There is way too much noise here to drop off to sleep.