Wednesday, April 15, 2009

We are on the hard in Whangarei now. The haul out went fine and then after that things started going to #@%&!! We put the sails up to wash them after we had been hauled out, did not get a chance before and promptly got yelled at by the boat yard owner because a gust of wind could potentially pull the boat over. He was right, we were dumb but there was no need to yell quite SO MUCH! Then the next day I was trying to wash all the lines in the cockpit like I did last year, it was fun and I enjoyed squishing them around. This year I put the hose on and went below, waiting for the cockpit to fill up. About an hour before that Barry had commented that we really didn't need the bilge pump on any more, so off it went. Barry was at the sink in the galley and stepped back and water started coming up the floorboards. ^*&^&#^*&*@#$% There are 2 small holes in the cockpit that the wind vane lines used to run through, well the cockpit was full up to that point and all the water was just running into the boat. YIKES!! Fortunately, Barry's dire predictions of thousands of dollars spent on electricians did not come true and everything appears to be working, thank goodness it was only fresh water, not salty stuff.
I haven't managed to have a major screw up today so things are looking up.
Hope everyone enjoyed there Easter, ours was kinda crummy. We were out of bread, milk and eggs and then the propane gave out. That really kind of limits my breakfast choices. I had made some scones though, they had currents and candied fruit in them so we chowed down on a cruiser's version of hot cross buns.
My arms are sore from cleaning sails and scrubbing decks and the cockpit cushions so I am going to stop blabbing now. We fly home a week today!