Friday, October 23, 2015

Boothbay Harbor

We stopped at this very popular tourist town to do our laundry, get groceries, have a shower and get out of a 30 knot wind on our nose. It was very pleasant. The whole town is in winter mode so a lot of the stores were closed and the manager had to make a special trip down to the marina. He was an interesting fellow. His uncle organized the building of a footbridge across the Harbor back in 1901 because he had a bank downtown and lived on the other side and did not like the long walk to work. There was a gate keepers house where the keeper would open and shut the bridge so goods could be delivered to the top of the harbour. He said during prohibition years they used deliver whiskey to the gate house, which had a trap door in the floor, in the dead of night,  
We asked him about the preponderance of lobster pots and he said there is no season.  Apparently the fisherman can be very territorial and if someone tries to set a pot where the regulars think he shouldn't the newcomer may find his pots are no longer there. The story goes one lobster man tried to set his pots right in the narrow Marina slips.  The manager and the fellow got into it, and the fisherman refused to move his pots.  The harbourmaster and a town councillor were called and he was told to move them; once again he refused.  Then it was suggested that since his traps are worth over a $100 a piece that it would be unfortunate if he came back and they were no longer there, or the pick up line could not be found. He moved them!! Apparently, according to our source, it has been known for men to wait on shore with rifles and shoot holes in the boats of the guys who are trying to horn in on someone else's territory. Lobstah man just another word for gangstah man.

We are headed on an overnight trip to Boston. We had wind behind us and now it has moved around to the south and we are close hauled. It is not cold and the sun is shining. Now that fall has set in I am in fall cooking mode, we had butternut squash soup for lunch and I have the makings for borscht onboard. We have all sorts of root vegetables, parsnips, turnips, and carrots for some great stews. I made biscuits the other day and a couple of batches of cookies. All I want to do is eat to store up some fat for those cold winter days, oh wait a minute, we are headed south, I won't need that fat. Yikes, try telling my body that.  It will not look good in my bathing suit!! I must cut back on the baking. 

Sailing Information
We have been using A Cruising Guide to the Maine Coast, by Hank and Jan Taft, & Curtis Rindlaub.  It has been excellent with great historical notes and wonderful anchorages. Anyone wishing to buy a lightly used copy please contact us. 

Buckle Harbour 44*10.8 N  X  068* 28.3 W
We anchored in 4m. with very good holding. 
Almost 360 protection. 
Had to anchor amount the lobster pots
No services, great walking along the island to the south. 

Southeast Harbour, Deer Island   44*12.0 N  X  068*38.7 W
We anchored in 5 m. with great holding in heavy mud. 
Great protection. 
No pots in anchorage but zillions coming in. 
No services, but we had great fun exploring in the dinghy.

Bucks Harbour   44*20.3 N  X  068*44.2 W
Tied up to a mooring, got winter rates, $20 included wifi and showers. 
Great protection, some room to anchor but would be in the open. 
Restaurant and village store open, Yacht club closed for season.

Castine    44*23.2 N  X  068*47.7 W
Tied up to the town dock free of charge due to winter season. Normally only allowed 3 hours. 
Lovely historic town. All services available. 
Strong current in the river, check the tides. 
Lots of moorings available and anchorage across the river. 

Pulpit Harbour   44*09.6 X  068*53.38 W
Anchored in 3m in very protected cove, first one on the right as you enter the harbour. 
Had to go to the back of the harbour to avoid mooring balls. 
Good holding in mud. 
No services, did not go ashore. 

Christmas Cove   43*50.8 N  X  069*33.3 W
Took a mooring ball, no one around so did not pay, Marina closed. 
No room to anchor, exposed to southwest winds. 
Did not go ashore, no info on services. 

Boothbay Harbour Marina 43*50.9 N  X  069*37.6 W
Tied up to Marina dock, paid $90 this was a rate for 30ft boat so he gave us a deal
Great showers, laundry $1.75 wash $1.00 dry 
Very central to shops, place is a tourist mecca.  Grocery store 1 mile away, nice walk. 
Lovely houses and gardens in town. 
Marina manager very helpful.