Monday, October 26, 2015

Boston Outer Harbor

We arrived there in the late afternoon, there was one other boat on a mooring.  About 15 min. after we got tied up we heard a knock on the boat and a couple from the other boat had come over t free us some hot vegetable pie she had just cooked.  We invited them aboard, Bruce had grown up in Martha's Vineyard and we got some valuable tips from him on where to stay and we had a wonderful meal thanks to Betty-Jo. What a thoughtful thing for them to do!! 
Well exploring the islands in the Outer Harbor was a none event! They were closed. We saw the signs but landed our dinghy anyway in hopes that we could get a walk in. Not to be; a caretaker came out and chased us off. We dinghied around instead, I am pretty sure they used to quarantine sick immigrants on George Island where we were moored.  It also had what looked like a big fort on it. The outer wall that is protecting the island on the seaward side is collapsing in some places.  
We spent the day doing a few chores, planning our next few days, reading and watching movies. We are on our way to the cut through at Cape Cod.  I wanted to rent a car and drive up to the tip of the cape but I used those funds to attend the ballet, it was worth it. After we transit the Cape Cod Canal we will head to Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket. 

This is a shot of our Navionics  program on our IPad. The blue line is our suggested course and the red line is our current course so at the moment our boat is north of the screen. That is Cape Cod on the right and at the bottom you can see the Cape Cod Canal which is man made. 

Sailing Info.
Boston Harbor
We moored at Boston Waterfront Marina. 
It cost us $50/night with wonderful showers, free wifi at dock and dinghy tie up, laundry $1.75 wash $1.00 dry
Right in the heart of downtown, very helpful but surprised because we were so late.

Georges Island  42*19.2 N X 70*55.9 W
We moored here for free, first come, first serve, only two moorings.
Looked like lovely walks on shore and a museum but it was closed for the season. 
The area is a park and would have been fun to explore.