Sunday, October 25, 2015

Boston - 2

We met an  American couple, Kurt and Pam when we were in NS. They had lived 20 years in Boston and they recommended that we do the Harbor Walk. What a good idea that was.  There are over 40 miles of walkway along Boston Harbor and yesterday we spent about an 1 and 1/2 hours enjoying it.  It was cool so I put on my down jacket and my wind pants and I was toasty warm. 
A lot of the current wharf area is built on reclaimed land. In the past they would build long piers and then they would fill in the areas between two wharfs, first with granite and then with dirt.  As a result Boston waterfront has moved over 1/2 mile into the sea over the last couple of centuries. The old buildings along the waterfront are now being converted into high end condos. We walked by one building that was advertising one for sale at 3.5 million with $3,500/month condo fees and this was their backyard
But it came with two parking spots, that apparently is worth it weight in gold in waterfront Boston. 
 Parking is so tight that people buy these bumper bullies, then they can just backup until they hit the guy behind them and pull out of their spot. 
I went to the ballet yesterday. What a treat!! It was choreographed by Jon Neumier and done to Mahler's Third  Symphony. It was very unusual, there was just a bare stage, no props and the costumes were very simple, the man were bare chested and mainly just wore uniformly coloured tights and the female dancers had a leotard with a short skirt. It was very athletic and unconventional and the music was superb. At one point there was a suprano and then a chorus who just sang like bells, in another movement there was dead silence, only dancing for about 5 minutes. I wonder if they counted in their heads to co-ordinate their movements. Here is a link to a video about it.
We are currently on a mooring in Boston's outer harbor and will explore the island's here. They are quite small islands and there are three within a 400m. radius so the dinghy will get a workout. When we  motored up the Harbor into Boston we went right by Logan airport and the planes were taking off just over our heads. I had great fun trying to take a good pic of an airliner just over the boat.