Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Martha's Vineyard

       Motoring down the Cape Cod Canal, bridges going from the mainland to the cape. 

We crossed our path from on our way north a couple of days ago when we motored from the Cape Cod Canal across Buzzard Bay to Martha's Vineyard. I really wanted to stop here last June so it is great to be here; at the moment, in particular because it is blowing a houlie out there. We are tucked in behind a breakwater on a free mooring. 
The island is on winter hours so a lot of the attractions are closed, but there are no lineups! I am pretty sure we were the only tourists on the bus yesterday. We went to the other end of the island to visit the town where the "big" houses were.  OMG why does one family believe they need so much room! 
I thoroughly enjoyed wandering at random through town admiring the old Cape Cod style homes. 
There was one that had tours of it and even though they were officially closed for the season I stuck my head in and asked if we could look around and they very graciously allowed it. Gorgeous, they rented it out for conferences, etc., it would have been a great spot for a wedding reception. 
We hopped on a three car ferry and went over to Chappaquiddick. It is a very small mostly sand island where Ted Kennedy ruined his chances of running for the presidency by driving his car off a bridge and the woman in the car with him was killed. I was interested in seeing the bridge but the couple we ran into the other day said that that back in 1969, when it happened, people wanting a souvenir had chopped down the bridge within days of the incidence. We didn't see the inhabited area, too much walking but there was a park with paths through the dunes. I found the scrubby vegetation very interesting.
One the bus we saw an inland salt water lagoon just across the road from the open ocean and I commented that it was the ideal place to kitesurf. Sure enough further along there was one fellow in a wet suit that did a gorgeous jump right next to the bus. The driver told us he had a speed record of 55 mph and had achieved it right there, NICE! 
We will stay another day and a half until this gale blows itself out then hop 250nm to Atlantic City. The winds will behind us for 1and 1/2 days, then be on our nose but light for a day.
                           The old Whaling Church getting a face lift.