Saturday, October 24, 2015


We are on a mooring in Boston Harbor and I keep thinking this may be the very spot where they threw in some tea. We arrived after a wonderful warmish overnight sail from Maine. We had the wind behind us for the first five hours then it moved onto a close reach and we had too slow down so that we could sail into the harbor with the pink rays of dawn. We love Boston, it's downtown core is a wonderful mixture of beautiful old brick buildings juxtaposed among towering glass skyscrapers. 
I am endlessly fascinated by the details on the buildings,
there is so much history here, the American Revolution started here. This is the church where the lanterns were hung, one if by land, two if by sea, and Paul Revere started his famous ride throughout the countryside, "The British are coming, the British are coming". 
As soon as we landed we went on a mission to get our mobile communication devices hooked up. Our US phone had not been used for six months so it needed a SIM card. We had to walk about 30 blocks to get to the store. This was a good thing because we wandered all through downtown Boston and we came upon Boston Common. The militia used to drill here in pre revolutionary Boston. We saw the plaque to commemorate the " Boston Massacre" and the spot where the Boston Marathon ends. 
This park had a much nicer feel to it than Central Park in NYC it was so restful. It was a gorgeous warm fall day and the park was full of people. They were walking, jogging, bicycling, reading, talking, playing tennis and hacky sack, watching their dogs romp in the off leash area, and just lying in the leaves soaking up the sunshine. I am a huge fan of Spenser, Robert B. Parker's fictional detective, who lives in Boston and often goes running in Boston Common. I kept sizing up the runners to see if any of them would fit into my ideal Spenser body. This picture was taken by the Frog Pond, where we saw many mallard ducks. 
Yesterday we took one of those hop on, hop off tours which included a harbour cruise. Even though we could have cruised around the harbour on our own it was well worth the money. There is so much information that the guides know and share with you.  The drivers and guides in Boston have been particularly entertaining, very ironic in their observations, one fellow was quick with the repartee, very enjoyable. 
Barry says now he can tell eveyone that he went to Harvard. I had a hard time believing we were walking around the Harvard Yard or Hahvad Yahd as they seem to say around here. The campus is huge, with these very substantial brick buildings everywhere. Our visit happened to coincide with a family weekend, so there were hundreds of students shepparding their parents to different events. The library has such a vast collection that you could run two marathons down through the stacks and not pass the same book twice, astonishing! The Memorial Hall was stunning inside and out.
We visited the Science building and discovered a display on the first computation machine built. Then down the hall there was a mock up of the cyclotron lab that was used in the Manhattan project to split the atom. 
We finished off the day by visiting the bar where Cheers was filmed. Unfortunately the camera had run out of juice. Then we caught the last bus back just outside the state legislature.