Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Heading into a fog bank on a windless day.
From August 14
We arrived in Neah Bay last night after a long day of motoring from Port Angeles. Most of the day was spent in fog that would lift every once in awhile, but we are getting lots of practise using our radar. We sailed in the last 4 miles when the wind picked up. There was 1 other Bluewater boat here, Toketi, so we had a pleasant happy hour on their boat and met a British couple that are sailing in a 33 foot boat that are on year 7 of their cruise around the world. Those 2 boats are planning on sailing directly to San Francisco and are going to wait here for another day hoping for better weather, it is galing just north of San Francisco. The weather forecast for our jaunt to Gray's Harbour looks favourable so we will leave later on this morning. It will take us over 24 hours to get there so we will experience our first complete night sail aboard Cat's-Paw IV. If you would like to follow our position reports please go to