Monday, August 21, 2006

Well, I found out about Cape Disappointment. It was the English captain John Mears that was disappointed, he was disappointed in 1788 when he visited this coast line in search of the
"River of the West". He was unable to find a passage through the breakers so he named the headland, Cape Disappointment.
We spent the day exploring Newport, Oregon. We went down to old town and watched the sea lions try and sink the floats. They are huge animals and very territorial, making no bones about who is the boss and who gets to sleep on the floats. Then we down the to beach and strolled along the 5 mile long beach. Lovely gorgeous sand, the weather was cool and slightly foggy, apparently the area is know for that and people come here to escape the heat. Then we went to visit a restored lighthouse and then ambled across the bridge over the Yaquina River. You can see from the picture the jetty's they have on either side of the entrance to the river to calm the seas and keep the sands in line for entry to the port. After all that walking we stopped in at a local brewery and had a tour and partook in some free samples. The Rogue Brewing Company has made a success of microbrewing and is quite the place, they sell their beer in 20 oz. bottles, you get one bottle and you are good for quite some time.