Friday, August 04, 2006

What is wrong with this picture???
We are still waiting for our boom to be fixed, and since it is a fairly major piece of a sailboat's equipment we won't leave until it is safely and securely put back on the boat. They came and took it away last Monday and it may be ready today but another piece, the boom vang, will not be ready until Tuesday so we have to wait until then for our boom.

The other hold up is our driver's licence, and this one is our fault. When we changed over to B.C. licences last year they would only issue us a 2 year licence, which means our's expire next year. At Barry's sister's (Kim's) suggestion we went in to see if they would renew them early and HORRAY, they would, we now have licences that are good until 2011. The only problem is that you couldn't get the right away, they would mail them to you and it would take about a week to get them. We went in last Tuesday to renew them so I figure with the holiday we won't get them until Wed. or Thur. so we are going to wait for them.

Waiting is not one of the things that I do very well. I should go organize a track meet or a bingo or something to keep me busy for a week. We have gotten all the things that we can think of that we need to do, done this week, I am sure there are a million other things that we should have done but didn't think about.

We are going to a Bluewater rendeyvous for the long weekend so the socializing should make the time go by.. It will be nice to talk to all the friends we made over the winter and see how others are making out in their departure plans. Cat's Paw IV will get quite a few comments and questions about her boomless status I am sure. Hope all of you have a grand August long weekend.